Feldenkrais Rubber Arms

Feldenkrais rubber arms - fluid and flexible

Feldenkrais Rubber ArmsThis Feldenkrais Methodt lesson will assist in freeing up your arms wrists and shoulders. Most people focus too much on the hands and lose the connection back through the body. This exercise from theFeldenkrais Method, and the one following, go a long way in reconnecting these parts. Have you ever noticed that naturally gifted artists, musicians and sports people are often loose through the body. Most people barely move in an integrated way after childhood. Interesting that Moshe Feldenkrais began his development of the Feldenkrais Method by modelling young children and babies with their movement and learning patterns.Too much use of the hands or arms only is one of the contributors to RSI. The idea, with the Feldenkrais Method, is to share the load through the entire body. There is a concept in the Internal Chinese Martial Arts that as one part of the body moves the whole body moves. The Feldenkrais Method is similar in intention, in fact many Feldenkrais Practitioners find an affinity with the Martial Arts this way. This is why the handson version of the Feldenkrais Method is termed Functional Integration. It is impossible to move as an 'integrated whole' without a functional connection through the arms and shoulders. Of course, this must also continue to be connected through the spine, torso, pelvis, hips - all the way to the contact with the ground. This involves other Feldenkrais Method exercises as well.Move from your center and develop sensitivity and finesse. Using the Feldenkrais Method can help get you there.Begin to reclaim your youth with this Feldenkrais lesson - here and now.

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