Feldenkrais Soft Hamstrings

Easily and gently soften and lengthen your hamstrings.

Feldenkrais Soft HamstringsThis Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson, as its title suggests can help you easily and gently soften and lengthen your hamstrings. Feldenkrais exercises can allow you to develop a sense of rhythm and connection throughout the body. You will use very gentle undulating movements designed to lengthen all parts of the body associated with hamstring function.With this Feldenkrais exercise you will begin to lossen up the ribs and lower spine. This is essential for good integrated function.This lesson addresses principles of learning, relevant to the Feldenkrais Method, that can be quite challenging to different approaches more aligned to working through effort and tension.As is often the case we are using Feldenkrais here with the bigger picture in mind - not just freeing up one muscle group.

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