High Seas Deluxe

Travel the seven seas in this Action-Packed Puzzle Adventure!

Have you ever felt your life was always going to be ?the same old?? Tricia McDormand certainly did, trudging along at her father?s map company for years. You see, Tricia?s family is not your ordinary family ? legend has it, Tricia?s late Grandmother was a mysterious explorer with an even more mysterious secret treasure. Tricia, on the other hand, could only read of such adventure in the history books ? much less dream of experiencing it herself. That is, until one day, a long lost map of her Grandmother was discovered and rightfully returned to the McDormand family. With the map in hand, join Tricia as she sails the seven seas in search of the family fortune. Harness the power of jewels by aligning them by shape or color to fuel Tricia?s magic ship in this unique action-puzzle adventure. Travel to 16 exotic islands with endless variation and power-ups, and discover the great McDormand secret that has eluded historians for years!

Price: $19.95 USD Category: Puzzles Screenshot: Added: Jun 08th 2009 Publisher: Soup Games Homepage: http://soupgames.net