Historical Gold Prices from 1973 to July 2008 EOD

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Historical Gold Data from 1973 to 2008. 1. Data delivery: The data is saved as plain text. 2. Data format: The data deliminator is ?comma?. The format for the date is "YYYYMMDD". The data is ready to convert to MetaStock with most conversion software. Data is 100% compatible with AutoAnalyser. 3. Details to data: The data from 2008 to 1985 are London spot prices The open price contains the AM fixing. The close price contains the PM fixing. The data from 1984 to 1973 are London spot prices All prices are set to the PM fixing. 6. Shipment: The product is delivered via download link. 7. Disclaimer: We have carefully researched and checked the data by hand. However we do not guarantee that the data is correct 100%. 8. Did you know: Gold yielded a yearly return of +8% since 1973 - 2008 July (Bought and sold on 1st of January and 31st of December each year, per ounce, in USD). Gold rose from USD 60 to USD 900 from 1973 to 2008 (15x increase). 100?000 USD Invested in Gold in 1973 would be worth 1.5 Mio. USD July 2008. The strongest quarter is Q3. The strongest month is September. Find out more by your self by analyzing the gold data. Condition and information: The above product remains the property of EasyStockDater, Inc. The buyer obtains a user license. Data is per user for research and editorial purpose. If data is used in publications, mention the data was obtained via ?EasyStockDater, Inc. www.easystockdater.com?. The data may not be distributed in its raw form. The data may only be distributed if compiled into a picture or diagram. The data must not be extractable for others than the license holder. For more information visit www.easystockdater.com or contact info@easystockdater.com.

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