Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor Inner Classic)

It is a very important course when you are studying TCM

Video Course with synchronized Slides and TOC. Huang Di Nei Jin,the Yellow Emperor Internal Classic contains TCM fundamentals, whereupon all branches of TCM are founded. This classic is more than a mere reflection of the medical achievements of the ancient Chinese. Also known as the Internal Classic, the book was written around third century B.C. in the form of a dialogue in which the Emperor seeks information from his minister on all questions of health and the art of healing. Huang Di Nei Jing established the fundamental principles of Chinese medicine and became the ultimate source for all subsequent Chinese medical developments. Today many practitioners are still practicing the theories expounded by this book. This very important course will bring you go even further and deeper to understand TCM. Also it gives you more experience to learn TCM through classic. Huang Di Nei Jing comes from one TCM school of USA. It is a formal curriculum of master program. The advanced technology has been used on the late operation with PowerPoint Slides together, produced wonderful Opentcm video courses. The original teaching was 32 classes. After removed the examination review part and so on, currently it has been edited about 20 hours as 26 classes with synchronized 163 PowerPoint Slides. It greatly facilitates the studying of users.

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