IIS Anti-leech Sniffer Dog(Single Domain License)

Stop bandwidth thrieves, the best IIS Anti-Leech solution

Are you having problems with webmasters trying to copy your file links and then use them on their own websites? Or does some of your visitors leech up all the bandwidth on your file server? Then this is the perfect tool for you. IIS Anti-leech Sniffer Dog specializes in stopping leeching up to virtual host and multi-threading downloads, which will directly lead to the low speed of your server. It plays four roles in one --- anti-leech, bandwidth throttling, anti-download and anti-leech of stream media, to protect picture, movie, Flash and software links leeching. And also control the maximum of thread and download speed at client side. Why choose Anti-leech Sniffer Dog? In most circumstances, the number of visits raises if your website's URL is leeched up by others, but if they only leech up to your music, movie, picture, zip file links and provide them to visits as 'free rides', then they are not your advertisements at all for they never mention your website. What is worse, the massive traffic is meaningless and the speed of your server drops sharply! Anti-leech files, Stop and prevent hotlink bandwidth theft, hotlinking, file leeching, bandwidth bandits, hot links, bandwidth leeching, hotlinks, external linking, remote linking, deep linking and direct linking are all words and phrases used to describe a single problem faced by many webmasters UISD is an IIS plug-in that will protect your web site from bad people stealing your traffic by directly linking to the resouce on your server. If you have an image collection, video, software or document archives, Flash games or any other downloadable resouce UISD is a right product for you.

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