Adding mouse gesture support to your Windows now!

MicePlus is a desktop enhancement utility which uses the gestures and moves of the mouse to manipulate windows and system. Just use your mouse to draw some symbols or make some moves in the desktop environment, then the MicePlus will recognize your drawing of the symbol or move of your mouse and perform the operation which is associated with the gesture or move. Features: 1.Reduce the frequency of windows maximize, minimize or restore operations with accurate mouse click. 2.Simulate operation of keyboard shortcuts. Now you can add gesture function in any application you like which build-in keyboard shortcuts. 3.Launch application or access folders and documents in a fast way. 4.Rearrange the system taskbar buttons and system tray icons by simply dragging and drop. 5.Close all windows with a simple mouse gesture. 6.Set window always on top or not. 7.Mouse wheel scroll to zoom in or zoom out. 8.Hide or restore a window with simple mouse gestures. 9.Minimize windows to the system tray. 10.Scroll window automatically. 11.Easy adjust system volume. 12.Maximize window to half the screen size. 13.Mouse wheel scroll widely. 14,Set windows always on top or not. MicePlus can provide you with more freedom and comfort in manipulating windows and system, saving time and full of delight, it also maybe change your computational habits. It's really useful for almost any computer user who uses the mouse.

Price: $19.95 USD Category: Utilities Screenshot: Added: Jun 08th 2009 Publisher: Bluemind Software Homepage: http://www.bluemindsoftware.com