Natural Pain Relief

It is my belief that pain is a response to a certain stimulus – internal or external. Habitual pain is just that – a habit. I believe it is possible to train your nervous system to respond differently to the stimulus. In fact, respond differently away from the direction of pain toward comfort and ease. There are certain conditions that maintain pain and the most significant of these is physical tension. It is possible to release this tension in key parts of the body, along with a well directed mind and thereby release the sensations of pain. These are processes that can be developed through time and as such are skills that you can continue to improve with.The core methodologies drawn upon are NLP and Feldenkrais. These lessons are deliberately kept to around 20 to 25 minutes to reduce any fatigue or effort factor for someone facing the debilitating circumstances of pain. They are not meant to be considered cures or treatments but merely ways of dealing with the symptoms of pain.

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