PC iMail 2006

Create, Send & Track HTML Email Newsletters in Minutes

Sending personalized newsletters, press releases, and mail merge campaigns is easy and fast with PC iMail. Looking for a way to save time sending email to groups of contacts? Would you like your customer?s to receive their own personalized email messages, without seeing a long list of other user's email addresses, and without using an impersonal Bcc address?PC iMail will import your contact?s email addresses, first names, and last names from Outlook and then insert this information into each message wherever you want it to appear (e.g. Dear [FirstName] [LastName]).Are your group mailings getting marked as SPAM? It's frustrating when you have a legitimate need to send a group mailing to your customers, but your ISP flags your message as spam because it has too many recipients. Most ISPs limit the number of messages they'll allow you to send at a time, and they can shut down your email account if you violate their policies.PC iMail lets you set a time delay in between each message, to comply with ISP limitations and ensure that your account remains in good standing. And since it sends your message individually to each recipient, you'll never have to worry about your message being rejected from having too many recipients.Many group mail delivery services will charge on a per-mailing basis, resulting in on-going and costly marketing expenses. PC iMail will pay for itself after only a single mailing, and gives you full control over your message content, style, and delivery.Registration removes order reminders and allows an unlimited number of messages to be sent. This is a one-time payment - you will never be asked to pay ongoing monthly or maintenance fees, and upgrades are always free.Looking to lower your per-person licensing cost? Maximize your savings with the site license option below, and pay a fixed rate for an unlimited number of users within your company.

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