PROACTIME represents a new generation of Personal Information Manager

PROACTIME is a Personal Information Manager, easy to use in spite of its sophisticated functions. It is dedicated to users who look for a powerful tool to pilot their activities and manage their resources. It offers a holistic and user friendly approach to self-organization. PROACTIME, is all together an evolving working method and a Swiss knife for self-organization: - Gradual time tracking, real-time or time-shifted, on the base of either standard activities or specific activities; - A method to enter, validate and sort one?s tasks in order to free an overloaded time space ; - Provision of all needed resources for the scheduled action in order to focus oneself exclusively on the job to be done. Main functions cover following areas: - Dashboard to pilot and visualize all activities and linked resources; - Day?s schedule to organize the daily activities; - Manual and automatic planning of activity blocs, isolated actions and projects ; - Space to note all data before their validation and sorting; - Management of one?s activities which enables to group them by project or metaprojects or to break them down into the specific steps of their processes; - Design of projects and metaprojects by tree structure; - Follow-up of one?s production and work load; - Development of a personal knowledge base with tree structures and the integration of all one?s resources (partners, processes, files, documents, notes, memos); - Filing method for documents and books; - Simplified organization of disk files; - Follow-up of one?s budget (shopping list included) and monitoring of one?s solvency ; - Synchronization of contacts and meeting with OUTLOOK; - Data export / import with POCKET PC and SMARTPHONE ; - Reminder (post-it, alerts, birthday). PROACTIME is an open application. TXT /CSV files can be imported. Data can be exported in different formats: TXT/CSV, XML and XLS (Microsoft and OpenOffice compatible).

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