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Psionic Audio For Love and RelationshipsDo you own the largest, latest, meanest radionic device but can't seem to get half of what you set out for?The problem could lie in your limiting beliefs.Let me ask you: do you doubt yourself? Do you sometimes feel you aren't worthy of your goals. Do you feel that things just don't work for 'people like yourself?'STOP IT. Ideas like that throw a massive wrench in the cogs of of your mental influence.Thoughts ultimately become self-fulfilling prophecies. You know that. That's why you've been hammering away with radionics.Still... with all those doubts. And fears. And apprehensions... do you realize how you're actually short circuiting yourself. Remember: THOUGHTS BECOME A SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECY. Be they positive or negative.If this sounds like you... and if you've been failing romantic radionic operations ... boy, have we got the solution for you.

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