SayvoiceEmail for PPC-female&male voices

Email client on PPC that can read aloud email using TTS

SayvoiceEmail for PPC is an email client program that can read email aloud to you using Text-To-Speech technology from your Pocket PC.Current version has female & male voice. With SayvoiceEmail for PPC: -- Listen to your emails, reduce your eyestrain from reading email by eye. -- Free you for other tasks while listening to emails, save your time. For example, you can listen to your new coming emails while you are driving cars or taking buses. -- SayvoiceEmail for PPC allows you to receive your e-mail from your Pocket PC. It can be synchronized with desktop or with your mailboxes placed on POP3. SayvoiceEmail for PPC provides many features above and beyond other mail clients including the built in Pocket PC Messaging application. 16 Key Features 1)Two purl and natural voices which includes Kate and Paul. 2)Advanced settings for voices such as adjust speed, pitch, volume, pauses of voices. 3)Adjust preview lines of mails while showing the preview message. 4)Auto decodes mail contents which based on UNICODE, UTF-8. 5)Multiple interfaces such as main panel for messages list view and preview message. 6)Quick downloads and previews messages. 7)Support download whole message. 8)One handed usage 9)Full VGA, QVGA, and Square Screen support 10)Full Windows Mobile 2003/5/6 support 11)Support for HTML emails within POP3 services 12)POP3 Fast check 13)Auto dial internet support 14)Mail storage on an SD or CF card (this is slower however) 15)Separate authentication (host, user/pass, socks, and SSL) for incoming and outgoing mail 16)Extensive and powerful POP3 Synchronization support Requirements 1). Hardware: Any device running Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0,Windows Smaprthone 5.0,Others Pocket PC. 2). Software: Microsoft Compact framework 2.0. 3). at least 20 MB free space

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