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The early stages of learning math require the memorizing a lot of detailed information and this can be quite frustrating for some small children. Experts know that young children learn at a faster pace while they are having fun. That?s especially true for children whom are either stressed or inattentive while studying. Early learning just got easier with StartMATH. StartMATH study program is self-paced enabling students to progress through a proven 3-step approach to achieve these goals. 1. FLASH CARDS MODE: Flash cards build memorization skills enabling the user to select the correct answer from a small selection possible numbers. 2. HIGH SCORES GAME: This highly addictive game allows young children to rapidly build basic math skills while trying to reach the ?Top 20? game scores among all users. 3. TESTING MODE: All tests are saved to the student?s ?Report Card? so the teacher or parent may track the student?s progress. FEATURES OF ALL MODES: ? Multiple Users ? Difficulty Level ? Negative Numbers ? Type of Problem ? Intelligent Repeat of Incorrect Answers REPORTS: The convenient reporting feature provides an overview of how well a student is progressing and allows teachers and parents to identify educational strengths and weaknesses. THEME SYSTEM: StartMATH software includes a ?theme system? that allows the teacher, parent or student to quickly create fun and personalized themes which can then be inserted within the program for enhanced learning. The theme may include your signature, artwork or even a photo of your favorite pet.

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