Student Coursework Tracker Software

Over 50 data tracking softwares for day-to-day activities.

Student Coursework Tracker - Manage coursework details and status There is a lot of data generated by the day-to-day actvities of people that can be recorded for future use. Our applications provide an easy way to store information on your computer in xml files with an easy to use interface and with total privacy of data. You can email data records with 1 click or add attachments to data records. The following fields can be stored in this software for any information that you want to remember:- Year or Grade , Course Name , Assignment name , Teacher name , Deadline , Status , Related material Information (websites etc) , Issues to resolve , Discuss with , Books to refer , , , Save Information , Comments , * These are new softwares provided by IdeaTalent LLC who are the creators and owners of the softwares and will be emailed to you upon payment and require at least Windows XP. These also require .NET 2.0 framework from Microsoft which is included. This application allows you to: save information in an easy-to-use interface, update records, email records with 1 click, add attachment files to records, export all records into a tabular format for Excel, manage records in a list, stores data in xml files on your PC in a secure manner, print records 1 at a time or all records.

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