Subliminal Messager

Use subliminal messages to train yourself & get rid of bad habits

Subliminal messages are ideas displayed too fast to consciously see but fast enough to imprint in your unconscious mind. This software can be used to train yourself, get rid of bad habits, or to implant the idea that you need a raise into your boss's mind. Write your own messages and choose the duration of their exposure. Now you can learn while using your computer for work or play. Harness the Power of Your Unconscious While You Work at Your Computer * Presents subliminal messages with the power to break life-long habits such as overeating, smoking, low self-esteem, procrastination and many others * Contains a wide selection of pre-programmed subliminal autosuggestions or motivational sayings or make up your own custom messages * Has many uses from habit change to personal inspiration to keeping you on track on your daily tasks Recognized by Success magazine as a "personal success breakthrough," Subliminal Messenger makes it much easier to achieve any goal you desire with the introduction of interactive subliminal message programs. Lose weight, enjoy exercise, stop smoking, cultivate good habits, and make yourself more attractive to others. The results of using this breakthrough program: dramatic changes in life-long unwanted habits while you work at your computer! Get Subliminal Messenger today and start letting the power of your unconscious work for you.

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