The Climate Change Game

Solve the problem of global Climate Change

Players in ?The Climate Change Game? look for solutions to problems caused by climate change. At the beginning of each game a player is given random values for his/her level of Voter Support, his/her tax revenues, global greenhouse gas emissions, and the Earth?s temperature. The player must reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a ?safe? level and Earth?s temperature to a ?comfortable? level while keeping the support of the majority of voters and receiving adequate tax revenues to implement decisions. To achieve these goals, players make Decisions to change the energies they use or use them in a different way, answer Questions on Climate Change, and respond to Natural Events (such as volcanic eruptions) which affect Climate, People's Choices (unpredictable, popular human actions which impact Greenhouse Gas emissions and tax revenues), and Economic and Political decisions by other countries that affect the global level of greenhouse gas emissions. Any topic can be researched using the comprehensive Glossary. A player wins ?The Climate Change Game? ? and is rewarded with re-election - if he or she - can help reduce global Greenhouse Gas emissions to the level required by the Kyoto Protocol AND - is not spending more money than his/her people pay in taxes, AND - has maintained Voter Support of at least 51 percent AND - Earth?s Temperature is ?comfortable" for life.

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