Treating Depression with Acupuncture

There are useful acupuncture clinic experiences for depression

Video Course with synchronized Slides and TOC. There are many useful acupuncture clinic practice experiences for depression in this Lecture. An increasing number of patients in US are being treated for depression with acupuncture. Especially for mild cases of depression, acupuncture has been shown by many clinics to be an effective treatment. Many acupuncturists or health care providers want to discover more about what the TCM differentiations are and how to treat this mood disorder by acupuncture. In this lecture, the expert talks about realizing and understanding depression in acupuncture clinic. She explains the impact of depression on the body, describes some related mood disorders, discusses some other diseases that can cause depression symptoms. The focus of the lecture is on the ten of TCM differentiations with specific treatment points. At the end of the lecture, TCM practitioners and students will have a deeper understanding of how to treat depression in their own clinical practice.

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