Universal Combat A World Apart

An all encompassing space & planetary combat action game

Graphics engine highlights:1. Native DirectX 9 graphics engine with support for shader spec 2.0 2. Shader based lighting, glow and environment mapping. 3. Native support for various lighting (per-pixel) levels, texture filtering (e.g. Anisotropic), FSAA etc.4. Improved shader based special FX (e.g. explosions)5. Improved terrain rendering engine based also with improved terrain texture assets, vegetation etc6. Improved shader based character animation engine which takes advantage ofthe newer high definition character models.Other features:Improved NPC dynamic AI engine with improved NPC orders system.New multiplayer engine.New integrated multiplayer games channel with features such as chat lobby, serverbrowser, multiplayer server clusters, auto-patching, multi-lingual chat roomsand many more features.Improved vehicle control and dynamics.Improved asset switching with full control for naval LCAC assets.All new (sixteen) high definition first person character models.All new first person weapons; for a total of twenty-four weapons as well asfour grenade types.Revised planetary bases with better layout and scale, so they dont seem quite as barren due to their wide expanse.One 16 mission Advanced Campaign Mode scenario playable as the Commander orElite Force Pilot career.Sixteen new Instant Action scenarios featuring various careers.Two co-op specific multiplayer space based scenarios with support for up32 players.

Price: $19.99 USD Category: Games Screenshot: Added: Apr 20th 2008 Publisher: 3000AD Inc. Homepage: http://www.3000ad.com