Versal HTTP Image Uploader(Single Server License)

image uplaoder

A forceful and attractive solution for your sites to upload thousands of images. This ActiveX with a user-friendly and easy-to-use uploading interface. even for untrained users ,they can use it easy. With image Uploader the mode to upload files via HTML input fields will be history. you overcome the limitations of traditional form-based uploading. This ActiveX support batch image uploader, image thumbnail view, image preview and full screen features. Image Uploader Component support image edit and full screen features. Support BreakPoint uploader, Don't worry about unreliable or slow connections. If an upload fails before completion, it is resumed from the point of failure so time and bandwidth are never wasted. When a file transfer is resumed, Image Uploder uses a handshake between the client and the server to determine how much of the transfer has already been received. Image Uploder queries the server with an HTTP HEAD request to determine how many bytes were received during the initial file upload.

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