Do you need some amazing effects for your Windows Desktop?Check out it

WinDeskAngel is a Desktop Utility for Windows. It can make some magical effects for Windows Desktop: 1) Desktop Animation Icon; 2) Special Effects for Desktop Text; 3) Desktop Text Cloak; 4) Set any color for text on Desktop; 5) Enhanced Transparent effect for Desktop Text; Detailed description: (1) Desktop Animation Icon: From earliest Windows version to current version, the icons in desktop are all static. Do you feel a little bit boring? WinDeskAngel can make static icons on Desktop activating! Let your Desktop become full of vigor. (2) Special Desktop Text effects: WinDeskAngel can make some special effects of text on Windows Desktop(for example, Sunken Text, Raised Text, Light Text, Cloud Text, etc). (3) Desktop Text Cloak If you think the text on Desktop is redundant or you do not like any text on Desktop, you can use the feature. It can hide all text on Desktop and only show icons. It is too funny? (4) Set any color you want for Desktop text In Windows, Desktop text is normally white or black. But this feature can let you set any your favorite color for Desktop Text. (5) Enhanced Transparent effect for text on Desktop In Windows XP/2003, if you enable Active Desktop feature, the Desktop text will becore opaque. In such case, visual effects of Desktop is become more sick. WinDeskAngel resolve this probelm successfully. It support make Desktop text transprent even if Active Desktop be enabled. Do you like WinDeskAngel? Download Now!

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