Xcelential Pro

Master Excel pivot tables and charts with Xcelential Pro

Xcelential Professional Edition (Xcelential Pro) makes it easy to: Consolidate data from many Excel spreadsheets into a single spreadsheet Analyze the data in Excel pivot tables Report the results of your analysis in presentation-quality Excel worksheets and charts Display the key charts and tables on a dashboard Xcelential Pro automates all those tasks without requiring you to learn macro programming and without requiring you to transfer spreadsheet data into a centralized data warehouse. It can save hours of mind-numbing copying, pasting, and repetition of mouse and keyboard operations that go into preparing analytic spreadsheet reports. You will gain new insights into your spreadsheets, be more productive, and have more free time.

Price: $87 USD Category: Spreadsheets Screenshot: Added: Jun 08th 2009 Publisher: Changes And Trends Software Inc Homepage: http://www.xcelential.com