Yi Jin Jing

It is a health and fitness exercise handed down from ancient China

Video Course. Yi Jin Jing (Tendon-Muscle Strengthening Exercises) is a health and fitness exercise handed down from ancient China. Based on the 12 routines, Yi Jin Jing features key points of the original exercises while putting the theory, skills and effects on the same solid foundation as knowledge of health and fitness Qigong, traditional Chinese medicine and other related scientific fields. Yi Jin Jing features extended, soft and even movements displaying a graceful charm, and it puts focus on the turning and flexing of the spine, thus invigorating the limbs and internal organs. These movements have been proved to be able to improve health and fitness, prevent diseases, prolong life and improve the intellect. In particular, practice of the Yi Jin Jing exercises has very impressive effects on the respiratory system, flexibility, balance and muscular strength. It can also prevent and cure diseases of the joints, digestive system, cardiovascular system and nervous system.

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